09 Jul Meet the Staff: Craig Williams

We’re starting another new feature this summer entitled “Meet the Staff.”  Campers were selected to interview new Counselors or Junior Counselors, asking them a number of questions so you, faithful reader, are more familiar with the newest members of the incredible staff at Susquehannock.

Craig Williams, interviewed by Noah Goldstein

Q:  Where are you from; what college/high school do you attend/where do you work?
A:  Flemington, NJ and I attend Rutgers Prep.  I work as a Crossfit Trainer and also compete in the Crossfit Games.

Q:  How did you find out about Camp?
A:  My sister went for three years.

Q:  What is your favorite sport to play or coach? Why?
A:  I like Street Hockey the best because hard work pays off.

Q:  Describe a role model in your life that inspired you to work with children.
A:  My former counselor Luke Babcock because he made everything fun.

Q:  What’s your favorite meal in the Dining Hall?
A:  Salad with meat in it.

Q:  What’s your favorite part of Camp so far?
A:  Definitely the people!

Q:  Why do you like pushing yourself so hard in workouts?
A:  Because I like finding out how far I can push myself.  If I can push myself to the limit in a workout then other parts of life become easier.

Q:  Who is Hugo?
A:  The fastest man alive who lives past the soccer fields.  (Correct! -Ed.)

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