04 Jul First Week S4B Reflections

As we mentioned in the last post, we turning over the TLT once a week to the Heads of both Camps to offer a reflection on the previous week.  Here is Andrew Hano’s reflection on behalf of S4B:

Ask your son and he will tell you Susquehannock has the best looking, most intelligent, and most athletic campers. But, what about the staff? I can tell you they are the most empathetic, enthusiastic and cooperative staff. Notice experience is not mentioned; that’s because even our “new”staff members are returnees with plenty of Susquehannock experience.

A Camp Susquehannock counselor’s days are jam packed. Most rise to the sound of first bell in the morning and a cabin full of sleepy young faces. A select few are already awake for an early morning run or swim. Following breakfast they oversee the beautification of their cabins. Then it’s a morning packed with instructing everything from soccer and tennis to swimming and archery. Supervising Rest Hour after lunch is far from the nap that many counselors long for.

When the call for all coaches, players and officials to report to afternoon activities is announced, some counselors are energetically pacing the sidelines encouraging the kids, while others are racing up and down the field officiating. Afternoon free swim requires the full focus of some, while others are on the hill top playing impromptu games. Then again after the evening meal coaches and officials are called upon to join campers in another round of Orange vs Blue competition. Bells ring to let counselors know it is time to get the campers ready for bed. When young heads finally come to rest on pillows, counselors are found on doorsteps or lying on beds enjoying a few moments of relaxation before drifting off to sleep themselves.

The energy that surges through these young men is endless. They are not professional educators; however, they possess an ability to engage campers mentally, physically, and emotionally. Counselors are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, tending not only to the athletic development of campers, but teaching life skills that will benefitcampers long after their summers at camp end. I look forward to an exciting summer and consider myself lucky to work with great kids and a great staff.

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