14 Dec We Need Your Help This Off-Season

Happy holidays! We sincerely hope that your holiday season is peaceful and enjoyable in every way.

In recent years foot traffic at camp fairs has steadily declined, since families prefer to do their summer camp research online. Therefore we have decided to reduce our camp fair appearances in favor of planning more intimate events for interested families.

We are asking for your help in setting up these Camp Open House gatherings. We have found that attendance is directly related to family-to-family invitations, as opposed to invitations sent by a Camp representative. It also may be helpful to plan an event with a group of other Camp families that live near you and pool resources.

No matter where your home is located, we will make sure that staff and materials are available at any such event, coast-to-coast. I personally am willing to travel anywhere if it’s a good chance to spread the word about Susquehannock.

We’ve already had one Open House thus far this off-season and this was a rousing success. The best part is that the host family wasn’t even a current Susquehannock family. They had made the decision to send their children in 2011 and invited a dozen or so of their friends with children over to their home. We played the award-winning Camp video, did a short Q&A session, handed out brochures and that concluded the event. All in all, we gained four new campers from this hour-long gathering. We know you already love Susquehannock, so imagine how successful an Open House Event could be at your home.

These Open House events are crucial in helping Susquehannock to successfully market itself in the off-season. I am available to discuss and help out in any way that I can, so please feel free to contact me via email (josho@susquehannock.com) or phone (518) 424-5701.

Our Susquehannock families are the best advocates that we have, let’s really increase our efforts to spread the word this off-season!

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