05 Aug 2009 – Issue III

Second Session Opens With Great Enthusiasm and Special Arrival!
Win and Blake Shafer began hiking the Apalachin Trail in March 2009, hiked all 2,178 miles, and made their triumphant return to Camp with an assist from longtime alum, Dave Reeve – who joined them for the last section known as “The 100 Mile Wilderness”. Even under the cover of night, our three intrepid travelers were greeted with loud cheers by campers and staff alike.

Both Camps launched right back into their respective Programs with World Games, Team Cheers, Clinics and of course, the Orange and Blue competition.  S4B and S4G joined together for a special game of “Kluster Fluster Kaiser Ball”, an exciting new game developed by two Boys Camp counselors, Garner “Bobby” Kaiser and John Lloyd. Combining elements of Angleball, Soccer, Dodgeball and Tag, the new game was a hit for the Boys during First Session and was embraced enthusiastically by both boys and girls as a great new tradition. The event counted for Orange and Blue competition.  

Junior campers are allowed to use “powder bombs” (a handful of flour wrapped in tissue paper) to tag couselors out, who must then report to the referees in the center of the field before resuming play.
As in years past, Camp Susquehannock did its volunteer and local civic duty when over a dozen of our Staff gave blood at the annual local Red Cross Blood Drive.
The final week is full of exciting events, including our Horse Show, Villa Hunt, Camp Open Doubles, Counselor Skit Night and plenty more – check back for the final recap of yet another magical summer here at Camp Susquehannock!

Also, please check out the Camp Susquehannock homepage for details about our closing ceremonies on August 14th.

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