25 Jul 2009 – Issue II

Camp Susquehannock First Session A Rousing Success!
We pick up the story with clinics and Orange and Blue competition heating up. Our program features team and free choice clinics in the morning, Orange and Blue games in the afternoons (and sometimes evenings).

One of the highlights in the Boys camp is the Gigantusball game, which is a multiple field Angleball game that every camper and counselor participates in.  Free choice clinics also include time in our Craft Shop and Wood Shop.

Jeff Lyon of Your Eco Solutions gave a presentation on the conservation of water during rest hour. Camp Susquehannock has fully embraced the increased awareness with regards to our environment and launched a Going Lean and Green initiative this summer. We learned that the world population was approximately two billion in 1973 and now in 2009 it is seven billion and steadily increasing. He asked us to think about the impact of the exponential population growth on the world’s water resources, which are being depleted daily.

By the year 2025, 66% of the world’s population will experience a shortage of water. The average American citizen uses 100 gallons of water PER DAY as opposed to 26 gallons in Europe. The campers then did a relay race of carrying buckets of water, demonstrating a small portion of a daily ritual for many people in third world countries. Every drop spilled makes a huge difference and Jeff told us several simple things we can do to conserve, such as turning the faucet off while brushing teeth.

The Annex in S4B and Cabb Inn were treated to a special treat after winning the First Session Cabin Inspection awards. The girls in Cab Inn enjoyed an ice cream feast at nearby Creek Bend Miniature Golf Course while the boys in Annex had a meal prepared by our chefs Greg and Adam.

A summer at Susquehannock is not just about winning ribbons or getting accolades, it is truly about how campers are changed as people for the better. On behalf of all the Staff, we truly hope to see you back next summer! 2010 will be a particularly special year, as we will be hosting an Alumni/Family Reunion Weekend, celebrating our 105th year. Check back here for more updates from the rest of the summer!

S4G Orange and Blue Final Standings:
S4B Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Orange: 174
Blue: 211

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