21 Jul 2008 – Issue IV

First Half Ends With a Flurry of Activity
The last week of Camp is always full of culminating experiences such as The Loyal Guard Chicken Feed and Camper Skit Night as well as the Camp Open Doubles coed Tennis Tournament, the Gold Medal Tennis Tournaments, Swimming Regattas and Decathlon.

Then there are special events in each camp like S4G’s Villa Hunt and S4B’s Gigantusball.  The last days are important as we finish the Orange and Blue competitions and enjoy the  Chicken Feeds, award the Golden Broom for cabin inspections and have wrap up with our special Team Spirit Camp Fire (S4B) and Candle Float (S4G).

The first half campers are sadly packing to go home – they are going to be “camp sick” and the full season campers all packed up to go on a midseason trip overnight to Camelbeach near Tobyhanna State Park!

Stay tuned – and say hello to the second half campers and more good times at Tripp Lake!

S4B Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Orange:  170
Blue:  175

S4G Orange and Blue Final Standings:
Blue:  115
Orange:  109

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