29 Jun 2008 – Issue I

Camp Susquehannock opens for 103rd summer!

The first half at Camp Susquehannock began with our typical crisp morning that gave way to sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.

We’ve established this space to serve as a running chronicle of the summer, highlighting the great games, amazing achievements and everything that makes a summer at Susquehannock so special. Think of it as a newspaper where the top story is always your child.

We pick up the story at the point where your child – now camper – began their adventure at Susquehannock.  Opening day allows campers time to get moved into their cabins, learn their way around the campus and the lake and meet all kinds of new friends, playing pick up games and participating in activities.

After a great opening dinner with everyone assigned to their dining hall tables, there is a “welcome to camp” meeting led by the respective Site Directors in their separate camp Lodges.  Life at camp is explained by the Senior and Cabin Counselor staff and everyone is introduced.  The girl campers are treated to their traditional opening night counselor skits, while the boy campers are treated to a camp-wide team-style Dodgeball game led by their counselors.

After those activities, each cabin has their opening night meeting with their counselors.  Be sure to check back during the upcoming weeks to read all about your camper’s fun activities and experience

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